Engineering and inventor references for Jan Berglund

1979-1995 PHILIPS

Worked as a PCB designer at Philips Electronic Industries and Philips Kista Industries. The main products where high frequency Instruments, so called Timer/Counters and Pulse generators.

During this period I also studied Mathematics and Computer science in the evenings at KTH in Stockholm and at Uppsala University.

1995-2001 Radio Design

Mechanical Engineering of telecommunication equipment’s such as antennas, amplifiers, filters and mobile phones.

In 1997 my first patent was granted, a high capacity antenna system for a mobile base station.

2001-2003 Allgon Systems (and Wireless Solutions)

Mechanical Engineering of amplifiers and filters.

2003-2008 Danaher Motion (now called Kollmorgen)

Mechanical Engineering of electrical drives, mostly for electrical vehicles like fork lift trucks, golf carts, hybrids and robots. I was also responsible for IPR-management.

Four patents was granted during this time, all of them dealing with heat management and/or electrical power distribution.

2008-Present Hotswap Stockholm AB

Mechanical Engineering of medical devices as a consultant, working with products like ventilators, anestheasia machines, surgical tables and Titan implants.

One granted patent for a Check valve and one pending for an Implant.

2011-Present INCO Innovation

On evenings and weekends I try to find solutions to problems or improve existing solutions. I write my one applications and do all the filings and communication myself in order to keep the cost down.

Five patents has been filed, one is granted in Sweden, the other four are filed internationally and looks promising.


IN Care Of new ideas.